Here you will find the V12.0.013 ChangeLog regarding changes and improvements in all aspects of our lovely N95..

New features

  • A-GPS
  • HSDPA indicator
General improvements/changes

  • Property watcher added to the screen saver
  • Improvements to WLAN sniffer
  • WLAN stability improvements
  • Screen saver timeout default value stays correct after MMC backup
  • Stability improvements to memory card formatting
  • Image editor stability improvements
  • Lifeblog input improvements
  • Colors of Java Midlet icons no longer scaled down
  • Localization corrections
  • Voice mail number now correctly read from SIM card
  • Download Manager stability improvements
  • Improvements to animations in Midlets
  • Multimedia menu stability improvements
  • BT stability improvements
  • Correction to WLAN interoperability problem with Netgear router
  • Correction for High Capacity memory cards
  • Correction to backlight blinking
  • Barcode reader no longer prevents deep sleep
  • Improvements to USB plugin handling
  • Better Out of Memory handling
  • Performance improvements
  • Improvements to RCPI based roaming(WLAN)
  • Improvements to cached PMKSA authentication with WPA2-PSK(WLAN)
  • Correction to secondary SSID handling(WLAN)
  • Improvements to registration in offline mode(WLAN)
  • Stability improvements to Quick Office
  • Correction to WLAN setup wizard
  • Multimedia Menu shown correctly also when Chinese image as a background image
  • Calendar stability improvements

  • Stability improvements to text box input in browser
  • HSDPA throughput improvements
  • Improvements to file upload
  • General stability improvements to Browser
  • Animated images shown correctly in Web pages
Media Player

  • Stability improvements for incoming call handling during music playback
  • Volume and time bar positions adjusted
  • Music store closed properly after use
  • Memory handling improvements in Music Player
  • Audio Handling improvements
  • Improvements to Find in music player
  • Improvements to reconnection to live stream
  • APN query shown correctly in Music Shop

  • JPEG scaling no longer corrupts exif info
  • Image print stability improvements
  • Stability improvements in Gallery
  • Performance improvements to slide show
  • Improvements to UPnP picture copy from Media Server
  • UPnP stability improvements
  • Improvements to image rendering
  • Correct LSK shown after a call
  • Zoom&Pan hidden when TV-out is connected
  • RSK & LSK shown correctly after editing play list
  • Correction to image rendering after screen saver is activated
  • Music selection dialog shown also in landscape mode in slideshow settings

  • Stability improvements in messaging application
  • Improvements to email handling
  • Improvements to email sync
  • Correction to MMS sending during VT call

  • Improvements to SIP settings
  • Callback request call is made secured like the first call
  • Corrections to VoIP emergency call handling

  • CPHS corrections
  • Call forward icon now shown correctly also after reboot
  • MT video call shown correctly on UI

  • Lots of maps improvements
  • Position Method now selected correctly
  • WLAN APN removed from AGPS positioning server settings

  • Changing camera scene mode no longer changes Sharpness value
  • Phone goes now correctly to deep sleep after taking images