The new firmware for Nokia N95 is available now. This one is called version 12.0.013, and will introduce the long awaited A-GPS-support among other things and bugfixes.
Stay tuned!

  • The phone is faster

  • Loading the gallery seems to be quicker

  • A-GPS support

  • Camera sharpness bug fixed

  • Quicker at receiving GPS signals and locking

  • Changes in web browser - one of them is that you now have to hold OK-button to get the menu to pop up
    This is rather irritating - some times the keypad doesn’t respond! Especially when in web browser and MSN
  • When editing a form and then repressing it, the cursor will start at the beginning of the text and not at the end as before. Quite annoying, I think…

  • YouTube and streaming videos in general is still not working on my phone

  • Zoom in gallery is now available for up to 800% - even on 5 megapixel pictures

  • When light is out in the screen, the gallery button blinks.
    Probably many more things, will update later again…