Nokia Beta Labs has released an interesting application, Device Status, which lets you access a variety of information and which can be helpful in solving support issues. There is an application for S60 devices which collects information about your phone and a companion PC application which allows you to more easily view the information about your phone as well as collecting information about your PC.The usual caveats about trying beta/ preview software apply. However Device statusis reported as being technically mature. Device status provides a broad range of information about the phone it is running on including firmware version, device type/name, IMEI, memory usage and profiles, network information, installed applications, settings information and more.The information provided by Device status may be of limited interest in one sense, but may be useful when attempting to solve support issues as it provides a full profile on how a device is set up and how it is operation. As devices become more complex simply knowing the model number is not always enough to solve support issues. For example some problems have been known to occur only on a specific network operator and firmware version combinations, another example might be a problem that occurs only when two particular applications are installed together.Device status can act as a one stop shop as it provide the majority of relevant information that will be typically needed when testing early version new software on a device or tracking down the cause of a support issue. The ability to easily export this information from Device status is particularly welcome in this regard and might be as useful for third party developer as it will be for Nokia. DOWNLOAD